"All words are good words!"
JOHN AALBORG  aka "Mo'hammer".  Writer, OTR trucker, Humanist with attitude.
John Aalborg

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Favorite rig: a Peterbilt Model 377, and Lowboy trailer As a truck-driving, diploma-free, card-carrying member of the working class, I can honestly say, to quote Penn Jillette: "Computers kick ass!"

When I discovered the PC I found I could do some magazine work and still drive. With my  laptop riding along with me I could spell, make corrections without an eraser, chew gum, and know what side of the interstate I was on, all at the same time!
  — open-laptop laws pending....

Lately I have been dividing my off-duty time between typing years of handwritten MSS to disk from cartons of notebooks filled on the road, publishing a monthly column–"Don't Ask Us"–and writing articles published by Target Media Partners in their popular magazines. The transcribing from notes includes two mainstream novels, two thrillers, and a new mystery/trucker-P.I. series based on the "Axel McKay" radio plays I wrote in 1994/5, produced by Ralph Haynes, and aired coast-to-coast on the WLAC Nashville Network.  (Note from John Baumgaertner II, Bleep-Free Press administrator: the above statement has been out-of-date for some time. Aalborg is working on another book and went into seclusion (again).
         I do not have the time or patience for marketing, and could use an agent to work on commission.

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Credits: Amazon e-books, a monthly column, a memoir excerpt, novel excerpts, and cover & feature-article pot boilers.    Early credits below
Cover by Baugmo

"LOWBOY #22"  
First in a series of trucker P.I. mystery/crime novels.
          Pulp Fiction
            Chapter 1

            Chapter 24
An old myth brought to life by rogue science!
All other eBook & mobi formats

      THE LAMBS"  

An old myth brought to life by rogue science!
          Pulp Fiction
           Chapter 1
June 2007 Cover Article

June 2007

"Trucking in India"

Cover story/article:  Exciting stuff about long-haul truckers in India.
(pages 44-50)
 May 2006 issue

May 2006

"Driving Africa"

Cover story/article:
unprotected trucking in East Africa vs trucking in the USA. (pages 42-47)
    Book cover
All other eBook & mobi formats
A booklet to lift up the depressed and piss off the proud.
    Sample: Chapter 10
  Gulf Coast Stories
All other mobi formats
In large paperback
Short stories illuminating the volatility of the human character in six different, literary shades of good and evil. A door to worlds normally unseen.
   Harry & Ivory (book cover)  AVAILABLE ON KINDLE
All other eBook formats
  20-year prequel to "Lowboy 22"
In rare large paperback
The murderous brother and sister team of "Lowboy #22" star as horrid but lovable teenagers while their father is besotted with...

    "DON'T ASK US!"
 (ongoing monthly column

"Tall Tales"
• "Foreign Tall Tales"   
• "Driving Without a Net"
•  "The Hourly Mile"
"LOWBOY"   excerpt::    Chapter-24 (PC version).
TC continued:
 (2006 - 2008 ) Features:

• "Middle East Longhaul"
    (Two part series)

  A chapter/excerpt from
  my book-length memoir,
• "Driving England"
       Cover article
  Early credits: (abbreviated)
First trucker story: Muglid's Path TRUCKERS NEWS
Oct '90
First place: 
Mark Twain
Essay Contest
with typewriter & carbon paper!
COSMO: A Trucker Looks at Women COSMOPOLITAN           
Jun '93
"On the Road:
A Truck Driver 
Looks at Women"

(full page-50)
author bio goes national TRUCKERS NEWS
Jul '95
"There's Power
In This Pen"

(full page-63)
Trucker views of 4-wheelers and citizens NEWSWEEK
Dec 20 '93
"The View From
the Big Road"

(full page-10)
7 years of preparation scores The Gong Show HIGHWAY HUMOR
"Ponce de Leon"
No money.
No Fountain of Youth
No nothing.
Roger-4, roller-skates NEWSWEEK
Jun 6 '94
"On the Road "
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