Early credits: (abbreviated)
First trucker story: Muglid's Path TRUCKERS NEWS
Oct '90
First place: 
Mark Twain
Essay Contest
with typewriter & carbon paper!
COSMO: A Trucker Looks at Women COSMOPOLITAN           
Jun '93
"On the Road:
A Truck Driver 
Looks at Women"

(full page-50)
author bio goes national TRUCKERS NEWS
Jul '95
"There's Power
In This Pen"

(full page-63)
Trucker views of 4-wheelers and citizens NEWSWEEK
Dec 20 '93
"The View From
the Big Road"

(full page-10)
7 years of preparation scores The Gong Show HIGHWAY HUMOR
"Ponce de Leon"
No money.
No Fountain of Youth
No nothing.
Roger-4, roller-skates NEWSWEEK
Jun 6 '94
"On the Road "
Early Radio Plays (WLAC Nashville Network — coast-to-coast):
Plays still online and free to play